Top Vendor UCaaS Platforms 2021

Demand for UCaaS is growing. 

According to recent studies from Metrigy, UCaaS is now the most widely adopted communications infrastructure. Soon, a huge portion of the world will be powered by conversations over the cloud. 

UCaaS platforms offer incredible benefits to businesses of all sizes, from improved internal collaboration opportunities, to increased employee productivity and flexibility. UCaaS also allows for a better overview of the communications roadmap by combining multiple channels into a single interface. With this technology companies can create truly aligned systems for communications.

Of course, getting the best results from UCaaS also means working with the right platform provider. Here are our top UCaaS vendor picks for 2021.


Mitel offers UCaaS in the form of Mitel MiCloud Connect. This innovative all-in-one communications centre provides today’s businesses with the tools they need to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Aside from a fantastic, hosted PBX phone service, Mitel offers everything from instant chat, to web conferencing, audio conversations, SMS messaging and video meetings. 

Mitel has a range of cloud-based phone systems to choose from, with branded endpoints available for your on-premises strategies. You can even design a custom UCaaS environment from scratch. Some of the leading features of Mitel’s UCaaS service include:

MiCollab for collaboration over the cloud

Wide range of telephony hardware options

On-premises, public cloud, or virtual deployment

Video conferencing and screen sharing

Integrations with everything from Outlook to Salesforce

Call recording and call routing

AWS services architecture

Enhanced solutions for contact centre

Built-in VPN

Call parking, transferring and forwarding

SIP trunking functionality

Despite an impressive range of features to explore, Mitel makes managing your UCaaS experience as straightforward as possible. You can adapt your technology to suit you, and even take a mobile-first approach to communication too. Mitel is particularly valuable for smaller companies who want to keep their UCaaS systems simple.

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