Smart Truck Surveillance Solution

Pain Points

Lack of capturing violation events

Difficult to capture the violation vehicle when truck stopped

Lack of supervision on drivers

- Using mobile phone
- Smoking
- Fatigue driving
- Not looking straight ahead

Lack of real-time alarm

- Over speeding, route
deviation …
- Lack of timely rescue

Blind spots cause security risks

Pedestrians, bicycles in the blind spot.


System structure


HD indoor & outdoor monitoring


When in an emergency, the driver can notice the platform through the alarm button, or talk with platform through two-way audio

Over speeding alarm

  • uQuick starts and stops alarm
  • uharp turn alarm
  • uRoll over and collision alarm

When the alarm button has detected the above condition, alarm is triggered, and the monitor center will receive the alarm  and then take emergency measures.

Video backup

Manual video backup via HDD Box

– Connect the HDD box to a PC with USB cable(The hard disk power by the USB cable)
– Export the video recordings through MVA tool;

Automatic video backup via WIFI

– Video can be downloaded to Hybrid SAN/PCNVR when bus arrives at bus terminal and connects to Wi-Fi;
– pMVR with high speed 5.8G WIFI; The transmission speed is up to 80Mbps within 30 meters.

Emergency video backup

Oil flow monitoring

Driving Behavior Analysis

Using mobile phone


Fatigue driving

Not looking straight ahead


Product Spotlight


5.8G Wi-Fi module

All in 1 design

Low voltage protection


Professional hard-disk box

Installation Diagram

Basic products (Mobile Analog Camera)

Indoor monitoring

Outdoor monitoring

Mobile NVR & Accessories

Case Study

Mobile NVR & Accessories

Project Overview

The equipment of PTT oil truck phase I project has been damaged due to aging, insufficient calculation force and unstable  firmware, so it needs to be upgraded and replaced as soon as possible to avoid affecting the subsequent PTT transportation  business. PTT continues to adopt Hikvision’s mobile surveillance equipment for its 1,300 oil trucks. In this system, users could  review the real-time video, locate the trucks on GIS map and track them in real time via IVMS platform. This project finishes  upgrading of new equipment and new platform based on the historical problems left over from the phase I project and the new  needs of customers.

Product List

Hardware: 1300+ 5504 MDVRs  5200+ mobile analog cameras
Software: iVMS-5200 M

System Performance

System Performance

Local HDD/SD redundant records: ensure  maximum data integrity

MDVR local camera power management &  watermark status display: more complex mobile  business logic to achieve the same business  functions as competitors

Central Pstor tripartite real-time centralized  storage: make a remote backup of the video in  real time, so that in special cases, the video  evidence can be traced for post-investigation

ØMonitoring center quick respond: Through the  interface and video data fed back by the device,  the central CallCenter conducts real-time  detection, including overspeed, collision, anomaly  and other real-time two-way voice notification

Project Value

  • Large single project volume
  • There are more different new areas of cooperation and expand the scope of cooperation
  • Users have mature third-party development  capabilities. The amount of new demand development  brought by this will be greatly increased, the business  degree will be rich, the establishment of dependency
  • The establishment of local key sample points in the  region has a positive impact on the subsequent inter-  regional project radiation

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